Please visit our Consulting Room to book an appointment.

Missed Appointments

The practice currently experiences a large number of missed appointments each and every month which has a serious adverse effect on the standard of care we give to our patients. In an effort to address this problem, if you miss 3 or more appointments in a given period, we will notify you in writing that further missed appointments may result in your removal from our list and you having to find another GP.

Missed Appointments in April

46 appointments were missed in April this equates to 7 hours 40 minutes.

Doctors’ Appointments

Each appointment with a Doctor is for 10 minutes. Please prioritise your problems with your doctor as we can only deal with one or two in a single consultation. Each consultation is of limited time and it may be necessary to arrange a further appointment subsequently. This helps the surgery to run on time and importantly will allow each problem to be fully assessed.

Cancel Appointments

Please let us know if you need to cancel an appointment using our online form.