A Poem by a patient to our patients – Missed appointments and a Double Decker bus

You know the other day when you didn’t make your slot?
We waited here for you, but think you lost the plot,
Appointments only work, if both parties show,
Once you found you didn’t need us. You could’ve let us know,
We would have used your time for someone else not well,
Your error won’t be told, no others will we tell ,
Though lots of others, are guilty of this crime,
Please will you help us stop this waste of time,
We won’t single people out, but it really must be shown,
How much the ‘did not show’ numbers have grown and grown,
Did you know that in September, SEVENTY missed seeing us!
That’s more than enough, to fill a double decker bus!!!
Please help us get this figure down. October’s even worse,
ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY!!!! It’s what made us write this verse,
So, please remember, if you’ve an appointment with us,
You no longer need – well, let’s not fill another bus,
Just let us know – call in, text or phone, that’s the way to go,
We’ll use those precious minutes, to ease someone else’s woe.

Author – Terry Cox – Patient Participation Group Member